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Writing from my iPad

Posted in: General by Steve on May 26, 2010

This is my first post written directly on my iPad. This device has made our lives more interesting and has a lot uses for children. I’ve enjoyed the initial experience with the iPad and I think the rest of my family has as well. I would say the games and coloring style apps have been the most enjoyable, along with the ability to stream movies and videos.

The apps that I have installed on here are:

  • Air Video – stream video from a server directly to the iPad
  • Netflix – mandatory for video
  • Plants vs. Zombies – my wife truly enjoys this game, much to my amusement
  • Flight Control HD – I have a thing for planes
  • RadarScope – Level 2 radar at your fingertips, along with Spotter Network integration make for an awesome experience
  • X-Plane – again, an excellent flight simulator

The one thing I am surprised with is reading books. I thought that it would be different because of the backlit screen and my eyes would hurt, but I haven’t had any problems picking up the iPad to read a nice book on Python.

Overall, I am extremely happy we purchased the iPad.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention GoodReader which is an awesome app to manage documents.

Adding Another Piece to My Mac-universe?

Posted in: Family, Home by Steve on April 23, 2010

ipadSo after getting my first Macbook, I am again considering adding another Apple product.  This time, it’s not just for me.

The iPad looks like a wonderful device.  I can see myself using it for the web and email quite frequently on the couch and with my son (2 years old already, wow).  The app store would be wonderful for getting game for him to play.  We would be able to play videos and music for him in the car.  We are also embarking on a vacation soon and he is going on his first airplane ride. 

I am looking to minimize the inconvenience for all parties involved, including my son.  I would like to keep his attention for more than an hour watching the Muppet Show or Clone Wars and not thinking about the fact that he is flying.  The pressure changes are going to be hard enough.  Between any apps that I get and the videos, I’m hoping that instead of bringing my laptop, the iPad will be easier to bring with on the trip and take less room. 

I’ve searched and found a few toddler apps on the store, but since I don’t have an iPod or iPhone, this will be my first experience with the app store.  What apps to people with kids install?

I am still mulling over this idea, considering every bullet point before pulling the trigger.  If you have any suggestions, I’m willing to hear them.