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Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Posted in: Family by Steve on October 24, 2010

This week has been extraordinarily long for my family. Our son has been sick all week and we’ve been fighting a 103°+ fever all week.  He’s very active and we needed to get him to settle down so he does not get sicker. So we’ve not gotten much sleep at all and my wife and I have both missed some work this week.  Even after getting him on antibiotics, he had a reaction to it, so we had to go back to the doctor to try another one.

Our doctor wanted to make sure it wasn’t something more serious like pneumonia or something worse, so he sent us to the hospital to get some blood tests and a chest x-ray. 

So we had gone to the doctor at 10 AM and it was around noon by the time we had gotten all checked in and were in the waiting room.  It’s usually time for us to eat and our son gets a little crabby when he doesn’t get his lunch. Luckily we had brought some fruit snacks for him to nibble on while we were waiting. 

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the nurse called our name for x-rays.  She takes us back to the room and is talking with him, telling him that he’s such a cute boy and trying to make him feel comfortable.  She was doing a good job of it too.  We get to the room and she puts him into a special chair for the x-ray and he does so well considering everything that he’s been through (not only today, but all week with a fever and what not).  We were about to leave the room and she called us back to give him a sticker for being such a good boy.  Little did we know, she also took his teddy bear from him and was putting it down on the x-ray table.  I thought she was going to pretend to take one of teddy too, but she actually made us go behind the wall and took a picture.  She said she would print it up and then delete it so no one would see it. She got it printed and give it to us to take home in an “official” envelope.

This is what came back:



How awesome is that? We had such a bad week and someone came and did just a little thing to make our day so much better. I can’t say how much we appreciated this. We will definitely remember this hospital visit more for this than for him being sick.

So if you’re not doing the little things to make your customer’s day, then you’re doing it wrong.

Customer Service – Epic Fail

Posted in: Programming by Steve on February 2, 2009

Yes, the title is somewhat old and childish (in internet years), but the message still rings true.

Ayende @ Rahien,  aka, Oren Eini, was looking for licesning components for his product, NHibernate Profiler and landed on XHEO’s Licensing product.  He was unable to get it working properly on 64-bit machines.  You can read the rest of his post to see how that turned out.  After reading this, I will never recommend XHEO (we looked into something like this a few years ago and XHEO was one of the finalists.  Good thing we didn’t move forward with them).

I ran across similar issues with TypeMock Isolator and received exemplary customer service.  They took time out of their day, with 2 developers, to look into my machine and see why something was not working properly.  They determined that it was a 64-bit issue, similar to Oren’s problem, where it works on 32-bit machines. 

Some companies don’t realize the power of a community if you don’t treat them well.  I highly doubt that XHEO will get as much business anymore.  We should embrace the companies that do provide great customer service, as they are the ones that will provide the best programming experience.