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Windy City Rails – A Retrospective from an Outsider

Posted in: Programming by Steve on September 13, 2010

logo.pngI could go through each session and say what I learned, but I think going to these conferences should be more about the overall impression than about the nitty gritty details.  I wanted to meet as many people as possible and take in as much information as I could.

I got to meet a lot of great people like Scott Parker, Andy Maleh, Rachel Heaton, and Nick Lewis.  But the one thing I got from the conference is that the demand for Rails developers is growing, and growing fast.  All of the companies that were there (Groupon, Obtiva, Hashrocket, etc..) were hiring new talent, which is pretty amazing considering the economy.

My thoughts are confirmed by this article by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thanks to Ray Hightower and ChicagoRuby for putting this all together.

If you want more of a play-by-play, Nick Gauthier has a great write up on his blog. Lots of photos here as well.

Quote of the Day: “So, your corporate culture sounds great … for bachelors” – Sara Trice in response to Hashrocket presentation on Team Building

Word of the Day: “Rehacktoring” – Jake Scruggs

Interesting Note: Apple was a sponsor of the conference




Posted in: Programming by Steve on January 12, 2010

CodeMash CodeMash is just around the corner and thanks to the good folks at telerik, I will be one of about 700 people attending the conference.  I will be tweeting from the conference and posting recaps of sessions and happenings with an occasional picture or two.  I might blog from the lazy river, who knows!

As of now, here is the list of sessions I would like to attend, along with backup sessions:

Thursday Sessions

9:45 AM: What Makes Ruby Different (Joe O’Brien, Mark Peabody & Leon Gersing) or Agile Iteration 0 (Ken Sipe)

11:00 AM: Maintainable ASP.NET MVC (Chris Patterson) or User Stories: Closing the Agile Look (Barry Hawkins)

1:45 PM: Ruby and Rails for the .NET Developer (Matt Yoho) or Seeing Constraints: Kanban Explained (Jon Stahl)

3:35 PM: Domain Driven Design: An Introduction (Barry Hawkins) or Refactoring the Programmer (Joe O’Brien)

4:45 PM: Testing ASP.NET Applications Using Ruby (Ben Hall)

Friday Sessions

9:30 AM: Software Design and Testability (Jeremy D. Miller) or Testing the Enterprise (Leon Gersing & Charlie Baker)

10:45 AM: 0-60 with Fluent NHibernate (Hudson Akridge) or Leadership 101 (Jim Holmes)

1:45 PM: IronPython with ASP.NET (Chris Sutton) OR Credit Crunch Code: Time to Pay Back the Technical Debt (Gary Short)

3:35 PM: Analyze and Optimize your .NET Web Application (James Avery) or SOLID Ruby (Jim Weirich)

This will be my first large conference.  I’ve attended a few other conferences like the Iowa Code Camp and Chicago Code Camp.  This will be a new experience for me and I hope that I will get a lot out of it.  I am looking forward to meeting the people I follow on twitter too.  This should be a great time.

See you in Sandusky!

Attending CodeMash 2010

Posted in: Programming by Steve on December 5, 2009

AttendingThanks to telerik, I will be attending CodeMash 2010!  I was selected as the winner of their Facebook contest.


I would like to thank telerik for the opportunity to attend this wonderful conference.