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Posted in: Programming by Steve on January 12, 2010

CodeMash CodeMash is just around the corner and thanks to the good folks at telerik, I will be one of about 700 people attending the conference.  I will be tweeting from the conference and posting recaps of sessions and happenings with an occasional picture or two.  I might blog from the lazy river, who knows!

As of now, here is the list of sessions I would like to attend, along with backup sessions:

Thursday Sessions

9:45 AM: What Makes Ruby Different (Joe O’Brien, Mark Peabody & Leon Gersing) or Agile Iteration 0 (Ken Sipe)

11:00 AM: Maintainable ASP.NET MVC (Chris Patterson) or User Stories: Closing the Agile Look (Barry Hawkins)

1:45 PM: Ruby and Rails for the .NET Developer (Matt Yoho) or Seeing Constraints: Kanban Explained (Jon Stahl)

3:35 PM: Domain Driven Design: An Introduction (Barry Hawkins) or Refactoring the Programmer (Joe O’Brien)

4:45 PM: Testing ASP.NET Applications Using Ruby (Ben Hall)

Friday Sessions

9:30 AM: Software Design and Testability (Jeremy D. Miller) or Testing the Enterprise (Leon Gersing & Charlie Baker)

10:45 AM: 0-60 with Fluent NHibernate (Hudson Akridge) or Leadership 101 (Jim Holmes)

1:45 PM: IronPython with ASP.NET (Chris Sutton) OR Credit Crunch Code: Time to Pay Back the Technical Debt (Gary Short)

3:35 PM: Analyze and Optimize your .NET Web Application (James Avery) or SOLID Ruby (Jim Weirich)

This will be my first large conference.  I’ve attended a few other conferences like the Iowa Code Camp and Chicago Code Camp.  This will be a new experience for me and I hope that I will get a lot out of it.  I am looking forward to meeting the people I follow on twitter too.  This should be a great time.

See you in Sandusky!

Attending CodeMash 2010

Posted in: Programming by Steve on December 5, 2009

AttendingThanks to telerik, I will be attending CodeMash 2010!  I was selected as the winner of their Facebook contest.


I would like to thank telerik for the opportunity to attend this wonderful conference.