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Safety First

Posted in: Family by Steve on October 6, 2009

We’ve had quite the eventful day today.  Conner climbed out of his crib this morning and fell out onto his stomach.  He banged up his chin a little bit and there’s a mark on his tongue.  But after 10 minutes of crying, he was back to normal.

This, obviously, is something a parent never wants to go through (again). So we’re finally installing all the safety stuff we got at the shower, and as random gifts, and as we bought them.

After work today, my wife and I set out on a mission to find a crib tent so he would be able to climb out.  After we purchased one, we tried to fit it on his crib and it doesn’t fit.  Our next idea is to remove the big rail on the side of his bed and replace it with a smaller one, like those used in toddler beds.  This makes him more mobile, and we are now trying to baby-proof the upstairs.  This has proven to be more work that we had originally thought. 

First, we baby-proofed the cabinets in the bathroom.  That took a lot longer than necessary.  We also added some folding closet door locks so he can’t get into random closets to pull down clothes or irons…

Top of Our StairsNext, we want to have a gate at the top of our stairs.  The problem is that we don’t have a flat surface to mount the hardware to.  Also, a lot of the gates are too tall to fit under the banister, so we are limited in the gates that we can use. 

NOTE: We can’t mount the gate in this picture from the left because our bathroom door is there.  We have to use the area between the stairwell and the banister.

We purchased a gate a year ago and it never fit, so it’s sitting in my office keeping the dog company.

So we’re really looking for some advice on how we can get the gate in here. If anyone has any ideas, we’d be all ears.