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Storm Spotting, 8/23/2007

Posted in: Weather by Steve on August 23, 2007 | 1 Comment

2 groups of storms came through Chicago today, one in the afternoon while I was getting my tooth filled, and the other one came right after dinner.  The first storm collapsed a loading dock roof in West Chicago.

Here’s the pictures from when I was out spotting for the second storm.  Debbie and I went out and saw a bunch of intersections that were flooded.  We saw a transformer that was on fire next to where I spot.

Here’s the best of the bunch:

The weather outside is frightful

Posted in: Weather by Steve on July 10, 2007 | No Comments

The Chicagoland area had some severe weather blow through tonight. I was on my way back from fixing a computer and turned on my weather radio and had my HT (Handie Talkie) on as well, listening to the spotters from Kane County submit reports. I heard a bunch of reports of high winds in Sugar Grove (60+ MPH) and that it was heading towards my house.

I finally hit the storm and it’s mostly heavy rain and a little wind. I think nothing of it.

So I get home and look in my tree and wow…

That thing was a pain in the ass to take down. It took 3 people (1 of them drunk) to get it down. I finally had to take control and direct people since my shoulder is messed up.

Greensburg, KS Tornado

Posted in: Weather by Steve on May 5, 2007 | No Comments

Preliminary reports say that 60-70% of downtown is destroyed:

UPDATE: 90-90% of the town is destroyed, lots of damage, updated the link

Andover, Kansas F5 Tornado Anniversary – April 26, 1991

Posted in: Weather by Steve on April 24, 2007 | 1 Comment

One of the most famous tornadoes ever caught on film happened almost 16 years ago.  This tornado went through McConnell Air Force Base and destroyed a few planes, but was also captured on video. 

Wikipedia Entry
Andover Tornado Site

Severe Storms in Dallas tonight

Posted in: Weather by Steve on April 14, 2007 | No Comments

Sounds like they got slammed by a bunch of severe weather tonight.

Google Weather Maps?

Posted in: General, Weather by Steve on July 24, 2006 | No Comments

Yes, I’ve been testing out some programming in ASP.NET with the Google API (version 2) and testing to see if I can get weather information to map to certain points. I was struggling with trying to get a radar image to overlay on top of a google map. I did some research and found that someone already has this functionality on their website and has done a very nice job:

So I thought, instead of just weather radar and conditions, maybe I’ll start to put a storm report map together. The Storm Prediction Center puts out a map of storm reports, which contain Tornado, Hail and Wind Reports. In each line of the report, they contain a Latitude and Longitude, which could then be added to the page. However, I found a site that does this as well.

Storm Report Map

I just can’t win. So I’m looking for other options on how to use my new domain, I still want to use the google maps somehow, but I’m just not sure how.

On another note, I found a component that allows you to add Google Maps with just adding a few lines of code: ( it is currently down.

Another Season of Weather Spotting

Posted in: Weather by Steve on March 24, 2006 | No Comments

I get to do more spotting for Kane County and the surrounding areas again. I attended a spotter training course for Aurora a couple of nights ago that was very well done. I can’t wait to get out an do some spotting. We had a storm at the beginning of March that I was watching from my house. These were from the same system that caused all the damage in Missouri and Springfield, IL. I found myself very excited for the upcoming season.

A few things about this area is that there are not very “organized” HAM or spotter networks in this area. Either you have to be certified OEM or join in on the nets that are too crowded on Will County or the Lake County net (which is one that I really like to join). I was thinking of getting a network of spotters together on a website/blog/whatever 2.0 so that we can have the most information at our disposal in order to plan for spotting. There are a few skywarn groups on Yahoo! that I read, but they do not have information easily at your disposal such as Weather Products, forecasts, etc…

We’ll have to see what kind of interest there is in that. I may post something on the IL_Spotters site.