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Get out and Vote Buddy

Posted in: Politics by Steve on November 4, 2008 | No Comments

Rod BlagojevichThat’s right, you.

Even if the presidential race is locked up in your state (as it is in Illinois), there are still other issues that concern you.  In Illinois, a call for constitutional convention occurs every 20 years (since the rewrite of 1968) and the current state government is pushing hard for 60% of voters to say yes to this.  Before the 1968 rewrite, the constitution was in effect for 100 years without any problem.

I say, vote no.

Why?  Look who is in office right now.  Yes, Rod Roddy McDouchebag is governing our state and would have ample influence on the constitutional rewrite.

So no matter what, at least be sane and vote against the Illinois “Con Con”.