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Starting From Scratch Using KickoffLabs

Posted in: General by Steve on February 4, 2013 | 1 Comment

I had an idea for a site and needed to get some validation on whether or not it was a good idea. I started building a site before I had any feedback and didn’t have any validation of the website direction.

I had heard of other services, but having been a part of the developer community, I had heard of Kickoff Labs and decided to go with them. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was to get a site up. I was able to use a simple layout and gather email addresses for people that were interested in the idea.

In the process of getting everything finalized, I had a problem with my original domain name. I emailed support at 10PM on a Wednesday and got a response within an hour, resolving the issue. This was outstanding service.

I highly recommend using for your signup pages. 

Installing PostgreSQL on OSX

Posted in: General by Steve on June 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

While trying to move my development environment from SQLite3 to PostgreSQL, I ran into an issue. Following the instructions from Railscasts #342:

brew install postgresql

Got this error message:

Error: You must `brew link ossp-uuid’ before postgresql can be installed

To fix this, I had to execute the following command:

sudo chown -R whoami /usr/local/share/man/man3

Then I was able to brew install postgresql.

After doing that, I wanted to start my first database by running the command:

initdb /usr/local/var/postgres

This gave me the error:

FATAL: could not create shared memory segment: Cannot allocate memory

To fix this, I had to add a file called /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following lines:


Additionally, I had to add

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

to my ~/.bash_profile file

After restarting my machine, I was then able to create the database and move on with moving over to PostgresSQL 


Execute all SQL Scripts in a Directory

Posted in: General by Steve on November 18, 2011 | No Comments

For my own sanity, I can never remember  this so I’m just posting it

Open CMD Prompt

CD to the directory where all the scripts are located

Use for Windows Authentication:

C:>for %f in (*.sql) do sqlcmd /S <servername> /d <dbname> /E /i "%f"

OR for Username/password:

C:>for %f in (*.sql) do sqlcmd /S <servername> /d <dbname> /U <username> /P <password> /i "%f"

And instead of outputting to the screen, i’ll usually redirect it out to a file so I can review all scripts later

OSX Lion 10.7 Sound Issue Fix

Posted in: General by Steve on September 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

So after upgrading my MacBook to Lion, I noticed that every once in a while, my sound would go away. I wouldn’t be able to listen to anything using the laptop speakers. I could plug in headphones, but if I wanted to play music for the kids, I wouldn’t be able to. I’ve been searching around for an answer and finally found one in the Apple forums.

The fix that worked for me was opening a Terminal window and running this command:

sudo killall coreaudiod

This will stop the sound and then restart it after a couple of seconds.  This re-enabled the sound on the laptop.

Hope this helps anyone else because I was very frustrated after the upgrade.

Getting Rid of Cable

Posted in: General by Steve on November 8, 2010 | No Comments

Looks like I’m not the only one fed up with Comcast and other providers:

Netflix is definitely giving us a reason to move on to cheaper alternatives.

Learning Ruby for the Web Presentation

Posted in: General by Steve on October 18, 2010 | No Comments

Ryan Briones presented “Learning Ruby for the Web” at Refresh Chicago on July 28, 2010.

Learning Ruby for the Web on Vimeo

NFL Picks Week 4

Posted in: General by Steve on October 3, 2010 | No Comments


In the tradition of what I used to do on a regular basis, and to get my hopes up for a winning football season, I present this week’s NFL Picks for Week 4 2010 (my picks to win are in bold:

– Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Titans
– Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns
– Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers
– Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints
– San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams
– New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
– Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders
– Arizona Cardinals vs San Diego Chargers
Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants
– New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins

Yes, I’m biased for the Bears, and I want to see McNabb shove it down the Philly fans’ throats.  I don’t think the Texans have what it takes to win yet.  The only game I’m uncertain about is Ravens/Steelers because that could go either way because of defense.

Here’s to starting the season late!

Why Ruby on Rails?

Posted in: General by Steve on September 23, 2010 | No Comments

Because today, Visual Studio crashed 4 times on me, Visual Basic compiler crashed and I had to force the application closed via Task Manager.

I don’t have a lot of crashes with Textmate.

Today Only, Free Rails Video Tutorials

Posted in: General by Steve on September 16, 2010 | No Comments

RubyOnRailsThink Vitamin is offering the Ruby on Rails videos for free, today only though.

First Person Tower

Posted in: General by Steve on September 15, 2010 | No Comments

Absolutely insane.

You couldn’t pay me enough to do this